“On The Fast Track” Property Mgt Group Coaching

We guide you  and show you EVERYTHING you need to know about Property Management.

You may be any of the following:

  • Just starting out and not knowing where to start looking for properties.
  • You are an existing  property management company however you feel like there is something missing in your efforts, you are noticing that your overall portfolio of properties are not really going up, or not as fast as you like.
  • You are an NEW/existing property management company and you are feeling overwhelmed with, marketing, contracts, client relations, fees, organization, office procedure and more.

Bottom line: We can help!

Rents2Riches Property Management Business Coaching and Consulting focuses on the key aspects of creating a property management business. We will walk you thru the different stages of owning a Property Management Business.We’ll talk for 45 min-1 hour each week and record the calls in case you miss any of them. We’ll cover all the content you need to have a fully functional property management business. Each call will consist of:

1) A Review from last week to keep you accountable so that you can meet or exceed your goal.

2) This week’s Learning Material to take your property management business to the next level.

3) Question and Answer session so that you can ask questions about YOUR business.

4) Homework for next week to keep you accountable and moving toward your goal

Maximizing Your Results in 6 Months!!  

Here’s our planned schedule. Note this may change based upon the needs and wants of the group.

Month 1:  Business Prep Work

Vision, Goals, Establish Metrics, Website Name Selection, Entity Selection, Insurance, Document Preparation, Competitive Business Analysis

Month 2:  Strategize Your Actions(start marketing phase 1)

Complete Business Plan, Marketing Plan Development, Budgeting, CPA Review 

Month 3: Marketing Implementation phase 2

Online Marketing (website template implementation, Facebook template implementation,  Google Adwords) Residential Sales Skills,

Month 4: General Property Management Best Practices

Evictions, Maintenance (Preventative and Proactive), Documenting Requirements, Policies & Procedures (Late Rent, Pet, etc.), Team Development, Client Relations, Tenant Relations

Month 5: Explode Business with Networking and Referral Marketing

How to Capitalize on Referrals where your competition doesn’t, Utilizing the Internet, Networking

Month 6 : Expanding your PM Business Beyond Just YOU!

When You Sign Up For Our Start Up Group Coaching Program You Will Also Receive;

We want you to be successful in Property Management!

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