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What is Business Coaching?

pic 1Business coaching is a powerful relationship between two or more people engaged in a thought provoking and creative process, wherein clients realize their true business potential, cultivating previously unimaginable results.

Many times, Property Management Business Owners and Executives are experienced in the art of the deal or property management itself, not in the art of creating organizations that stand out from crowd. This can cause many Business Owners to be struggling and still yet not achieving their true financial goals.

We are not Business Consultants! A business consultant is someone that you pay a lot of money to, and at the end of the day you are left with a pile of research paperwork, lots of reports, and are expected to implement the changes on your own, 90% of the time ownership is not gained by the Business Units. If you want someone else to write your business strategies, develop your sales plan, develop your business plan, etc., then don’t call Rents2Riches. We are extremely knowledgeable on all of the above, except the difference is that we empower and guide you, the Business Owner on how to extraordinarily take your business to the next level.

Property Management Business Coaching involves helping Business Owners and Executives create an extraordinary leadership culture and a teamwork oriented organization. A Business Coach helps with marketing, sales, team building and management. Studies conclude that Business which utilize a Business Coach are over 500% more likely to survive to their fifth year!

Coaching Benefits:

  • Dramatically Increased Profits
  • Spend Less Time at Work
  • Less Struggles in the Workplace
  • Create an organization that will continue to grow

Why Rents2Riches Business Coaching is for YOU!
Email Patrick at for a FREE Business Coaching Consolation!

image 3Small – Med Sized Property Management Business Coaching

Business coaching is a powerful relationship between two or more people engaged in a thought provoking and creative process, wherein clients realize their true business potential, cultivating previously unimaginable results.

Business Coaching, as a process, is not sophisticated. We work together to identify the areas for improvement and previously unknown opportunities that lie within your business. We help you put aside past experiences, that may be limiting your growth. When a business leader is able to stand in an amazing future, and is knowledgeable on how to gain their organizations support and drive in achieving this future, amazing things will happen.
First we perform a business health check with you. We identify the following:

The 4 Basic Business Questions:

  1. How much time are you spending at work?
  2. Do you have a team supporting and driving with you?
  3. Do you have struggles within your company?
  4. Are you achieving the profits that you want to?

This is the basic ideals from our first discussion and health check. From this, we work with you to create a new impossible future. Your impossible future is comprised of goals that you would never have thought possible given your current conditions. Or at least, up to our first meeting, you thought it was an impossible future. We will show you how your impossible future is very possible and within a short period of time.

Within the business health check details and our first discussion, we will open the doors to your business. Over the course of our engagement, we will dive into the details of your sales, marketing, organizational health, financials and overall strategies. You will know exactly where to concentrate your efforts to achieve your goals.


  • image 2Work 20 hrs per week versus current 60+ hours
  • Increase gross profit by 35% in 1 year
  • Be able to take a 1 month vacation and return with you business more powerful than when you left!

We are looking for those Business Owners and Executives who are looking for the next level, but need a Business Coach to help guide them and serve as an accountability partner throughout the process.

Our coaching program will consist of weekly 1.5 hour coaching sessions. We will work directly with the Business Owner and the key Leadership team, as appropriate.

Call us now for a FREE Coaching Consultation. After one 30 minute meeting, you will know whether Business Coaching can impact your organization or not. This meeting is 100% non-committal, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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    1. Post

      We do offer a free coaching consultation to those property management business owners with at least 100 properties. I will reach out to your website and contact you.
      – Patrick

  1. Justin Erion

    I am interested in your one on one coaching service. We have the back office working great and employees trained etc as we have managed our own properties since 1995, however with recession and the need to sell off many of our assets and then a divorce I find myself wanting and needing to offer third party property management. I have a few clients now but I need to grow the business and I am really struggling to find property owners looking for management services.

    I have money to spend on Marketing and I have spent thousands with no results so I am clearly going at this the wrong way. I would also welcome an overview of our services and procedures to make sure we aren’t missing something or can be more efficient.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Justin Erion
    Armada Properties LLC.

    1. Post

      Justin, thank you for contacting us. We would be happy to assist you in every way possible. I just send you a personal email with more details about our program.

      Looking forward hearing from you.


    1. Post


      Thank you for reaching out and like I said in my email….your humble request for advice and coaching is the first step towards success in reaching the next level in your business. Look forward to talking with you soon!


  2. Erik Schlopy

    Looking for a coach that can help a PM and High End Vacation Rental business. I can’t find a phone number but would love to interview you guys and see if it’s a good fit.



  3. Mark

    Hello I’m interested in speaking with you regarding your coaching services. I look forward to speaking with you further.

  4. Ethan Lieber

    Hi, I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in potentially working together. If you’re open to it, I’d love to set up an intro call?

    You may have heard of my company Latchel. We help property managers and landlords run maintenance operations so that they can focus on growth and scale. One of my customers suggested I connect with you since they had come across your site before.

    I currently work with other coaches on a referral program (you may be familiar with Deb Newell from RTL). If you think your clients could benefit from a service like Latchel then we should definitely connect.

    Do you have some time to chat next week?

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