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Starting your own property management company can definitely be challenging. I know, I have been there! There are many challenges that you can face along the way:

  • Where do I get property management contracts? How do you structure them?
  • What paperwork do I need?
  • Do I use Quickbooks, what is the best software out there?
  • How do I get properties?
  • What do I say when Owners call?
  • How do I organize the business? LLC? S-Corp?
  • What insurance should I get?
  • How do I organize my back end system?
  • How much is a typical budget?
  • What kind of website should I have ?

And many, many more!! 

There are so many ways to approach a problem, but let’s face it, there are very difficult ways,  and not so efficient ways that can cost you thousands.  There are many Pitfalls that many of us have ALREADY been through and already paid out dues!

That is where you can benefit! Rents2Riches has dedicated years and years of coaching and helping other people start up their  property management companies. We have protracted the process to a science… and the good news for you, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!! 

Here are some start up Property Management common questions and answers  

These are just a few of the resources we offer in our FREE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BUSINESS PLAN!

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