We will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about marketing for your Property Management Business!!

You may be any of the following:

  • Just starting out and not knowing where to start looking for properties.  Where do I find Owners that want a Property Manager?
  • An existing company and already have a base of business. However you are noticing that your overall portfolio of properties are not really going up, or not as fast as you like.  You may be stagnant due to a portion of your management portfolio selling because of an appreciating market.  You may be getting leads from 1 or 2 sources, but you realize, like a well diversified stock portfolio, you must create multiple streams of new management leads and new properties to continue growth.
  • An existing property management company looking for ways to automate your new incoming leads.  Depending on the marketing methods that you are employing, you may notice that you only obtain new business when you spend physical time marketing for those leads. You know that there are ways to automate your incoming lead sources to generate a continuous stream of new business that will be existent regardless of the amount of time you spend.

Bottom line: We can help!

The Rents2Riches Philosophy is that every property management company needs to have a total of at least 6  automated incoming lead sources at any given time: 3 online and 3 offline.  This allows for the proper diversification of incoming management leads such that, if any one or two of your lead sources dries up, you have at least 4 other proven lead sources to ensure that your company will endure sustainable growth.  This is critical and what will allow your company to stay afloat in changing times.

Here are the TOP 3 Marketing Methods that produce the highest amount of leads, per a recent property management CEO survey performed in July 2014:

  • #1. Online Lead Generation Websites
  • #2. Referrals from others
  • #3. Craigslist

The chart below shows the percentages of properties obtained each month from associated marketing lead sources. The chart also shows the lack of diversification this is exactly what leads to some companies not being able to sustain the hills and valleys of the real estate marketplace.

Google Ad Words
Organic Search Engine
Online Lead Generation

We want you to be successful in Property Management!

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