Happy Thanksgiving & FREE Gift!

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Hi everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  And in the spirit of giving, I want to GIVE every one of my loyal subscribers an absolutely free gift! There is 1 condition to the GIFT….Please watch the video and then let me know what you thought of it below!  Let me know if you are doing anything else relating to Craigslist that is working even better! OK, so here is the my Gift….Below is the download link for a 40 minute class that I gave as part of my Rents2Riches Marketing Mastery Program.  This is how to successfully utilize Craigslist …

rents2richesHappy Thanksgiving & FREE Gift!

Why Most Property Management Business Plans Fail!

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I just wanted to send out a quick blog post update and I want to ask yourself a very simple questions – do you have a solid property management business plan in place? Do you have a marketing plan to get new properties?   And then, further more….when was the last time you worked on this plan, or worked from it?  Do you actually follow it?  Is it collecting dust?   Why have it if you are not using it?   There are so many people that create a business plan, spend all kinds of time on it, and then …

rents2richesWhy Most Property Management Business Plans Fail!

Attracting Property Management Owners Online

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Marketing is really the difference between those Property management Companies that excel and those that do not. The purpose of my article today is that I am going to share a story about a Property Manager, who turns out is a client of ours now. She is a great property manager. She offers a great service at about the lowest rate in her area, yet she is not getting properties, and she cannot understand why. She invested over $3,000 in her brand new property management website a little over a year ago. She expected to get new properties from this. It …

rents2richesAttracting Property Management Owners Online

Property Management Marketing Webinar Encore

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Thanks again for everyone that joined us last week live on the webinar!  We had a great webinar, had a little fun and put out a ton of content! The video will be available until: SORRY THE WEBINAR IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE This content packed marketing webinar will show you exactly how to: Find out EXACTLY how to start getting over 10 properties per month How to automat you property management business marketing strategies to produce a continuous incoming stream of properties without your efforts. Learn how to dominate your local market for new properties Learn how to make the very most …

rents2richesProperty Management Marketing Webinar Encore

Property Management Marketing Tricks

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Hello Fellow Property Mgt Business Owner! In this blog post and video, we are going to dive into some tips and tricks that I hardly see anyone doing, yet the benefits of taking advantage of this are crazy! I have literally seen people double the effective of their marketing dollars just by implementing these 2 simple ideas. In summary, before you get into the video, we are summarizing some of the biggest ways to improve the likelihood that a Property Owner will call you.  Overcoming trust with a potential Landlord can be improved by following these very simple two recommendations. …

rents2richesProperty Management Marketing Tricks

Pure Content Video – Property Management Target Markets

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Hello fellow Property Management Business Owners!!  You have to check out this free video series where we are giving away free content straight from our soon to be released course. This week, we are going to teach you the Rents2Riches Marketing Mantra and Target Markets! In marketing for a property management business, so many people are not even showing up to the race! They may have great marketing material, but are marketing to the wrong people altogether! There are 3 target markets for a residential property management company….watch the video and I will walk you through exactly who they are! …

rents2richesPure Content Video – Property Management Target Markets

Property Management Survey Results and a Favor

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Our survey perform in August was aimed at better understanding what most property managers are currently doing for marketing, what is and is not working. The results were staggering, and not what I thought. The results showed us that most Property Management companies, or at least the ones that responded to the survey, (we had 278 Property Management Companies respond) are ONLY USING 3 SOURCES FOR OBTAINING NEW LEADS! One of the largest being that mot people are utilizing mainly referrals only, which by the way are the lifeblood of any business.  However, what about all those other marketing methods …

rents2richesProperty Management Survey Results and a Favor

Property Management Marketing Postcard FAIL!!

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Marketing for your property management company is a serious task. And some people THINK they are taking it serious, by spending a lot of money on expensive graphics that look great. And at first glance, many people would think that their marketing efforts are awesome. There are so many ways to go wrong in marketing, the purpose of this blog post is to showcase an example that I received in the mail, and fully explain where they went wrong, and why you won’t! We are going to discuss in depth where they went wrong and what NOT to do in …

rents2richesProperty Management Marketing Postcard FAIL!!

Top 10 Property Management Social Media Tips

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No one is looking in the news paper or the yellow pages any more for services. Everyday millions of people are searching the internet. Follow these easy social media marketing tips and help your company get found and boost your sales. 1   Know Your Target Market 2   Learn the 5w’s of your target market 3   Take the Time to Craft Your Content. Make sure your content is valuable 4  Create a Multi-Platform Strategy don’t  just focus one form of social media, use blogs, Pintrest, youtube, videos, tumblr, linked in ext. 5 Keep Your Branding Consistent! Don’t assume …

rents2richesTop 10 Property Management Social Media Tips